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Our Girls Education Program continues to grow in size and strength, with more than 1,300 girls in 30 villages now involved and receiving tutoring, school supplies and academic-career guidance.

As of October, 2019, 824 girls in our Girls Education Program have monthly sponsors. Please join us as a $35 monthly sponsor to help empower one girl to stay in school, out of child marriage, and on track for success.

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Your generous support will catalyze the work of justice.

Speak Up exists to transform the world on behalf of the poor, particularly girls in poverty. We serve more than 1,300 girls in 30 villages, helping them stay in school and out of child marriage, and fund more than 20 girls removed from brothels in Bangladesh. Hundreds more receive some academic support, or remain on our waiting list. In total, nearly 1,500 girls and their families are served by our work.

Your donation will help these programs grow, and allow us to reach even more girls in poverty in Bangladesh.

Thank you for your generous support!

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Visiting young women we support in Cambodia

 While our biggest project is in Bangladesh, we also support young women in both Cambodia and Lebanon to stay in school. Once or twice a year we have the opportunity to visit the 8 young women we sponsor to stay in university in Cambodia, and here four of them are...

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Biking to School

Biking to School

Some of the girls and young women in our Girls Education Program are getting bicycles to enable them to get to school, and they are experiencing the freedom and power of self-sufficiency.

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