¬†While our biggest project is in Bangladesh, we also support young women in both Cambodia and Lebanon to stay in school. Once or twice a year we have the opportunity to visit the 8 young women we sponsor to stay in university in Cambodia, and here four of them are pictured along with another friend; Bob Spires, Board member of Love Without Boundaries which runs the program we help to fund in Cambodia; and Troy Anderson, Speak Up’s international director.

The 8 young women we sponsor to stay in university all are products of the LWB program in Poipet, at the Thai-Cambodia border. We are proud to annually support each of these students for $500 a year to pay their university expenses, and we are committed to helping them to the end. We also hope to add up to 5 more young women to our Cambodia support program starting this fall, bringing the total number there to 13. And we are in active discussion with LWB and other local NGOs about possibly expanding partnerships in Cambodia to help more of their high-school graduates finish their higher-education and pave a new path for girls from poor villages and slums.