Thank you for donating to the work of Speak Up for the Poor.  Donors have the option to sponsor one or more girls in Our Girls Education Program, or to make a general contribution to support our overall work.

Sponsor a Girl to Stay in School

Our Girls Education Program continues to grow, with 1,447 girls in 30 villages now involved and receiving tutoring, school supplies and academic-career guidance.  As of January, 2020, 780 of these girls have monthly sponsors. You can help a girl to stay in school, out of child marriage, and on track for success.

To sponsor a girl, click the “Sponsor” button below, then set up a $35 monthly recurring contribution, and select “Sponsor a Girl” from the drop down menu.  Once you set up your sponsorship, our team will contact you with more information about the girl you are sponsoring.

Contribute to our Overall Work

To make a donation toward our overall work, click the “Donate” button below, and select “where needed most” from the drop down menu that comes up on the next donation page.

Wanted: Excellent People to Join Our Team

If you are the kind of person wanting to serve the poor with humility and courage, we’d love to talk with you. More important than fitting a specific job description is being a person of integrity who wants to do excellent work for the poor, regardless of your education or background.

Read our Integrity Policies for staff and volunteers here.

If any of this sounds like you, please contact us. Come join us as we work to create a new reality for girls in poverty!

save a girl from child marriage in Bangladesh