Young women in Kaliaroy village proudly showing their bikes

Some of the girls and young women in our Girls Education Program are getting bicycles to enable them to get to school, and they are experiencing the freedom and power of self-sufficiency. After finishing junior high-school, many girls have to walk a long distance to their high-school, which can present a lot of problems for them. Many girls in rural Bangladesh face sexual harassment and teasing from local men as they walk to and from school, and many Dads respond my dropping their daughter from school for her protection. During rainy season it can be very difficult to cover a long distance to school, and going back and forth twice a day to tutors and exams can be exhausting and prohibitive.  But bikes can change the world for some of our friends!

Many have asked about buying a bicycle for their sponsored girl or for others in the GEP. For about $75, we can buy a bike similar to the ones pictured above. While your sponsored girl herself may not need one, there are hundreds of girls in the GEP that could use a bicycle, and we would be happy to give a bike to an ambitious young woman in your name.

If you’d like to help out in this way, go to our support page and give $75, and include a note in your donation that you’d like to purchase a bike.