Our Girls Education Program (GEP) empowers girls in poverty by keeping them in school. By providing an education to poor girls, we can break the cycle of poverty and child marriage and get girls onto the path to success. Working with families and communities, we can build a new understanding of the potential for educated girls, and help transform the way entire regions think about poor girls. We believe that educating and empowering girls in poverty is the best investment anyone can make to fight injustice and poverty.

As of January 2020, Speak Up sponsors the education of 1,447 girls in 30 villages in the Khulna area of western Bangladesh. These girls are predominantly Dalits, descendants of the Hindu untouchables, or very poor Muslim girls. They are among the poorest and most marginalized people in an already impoverished country. To date, 780 of our girls have monthly sponsors, so we are looking for many more to join the Sponsorship Team.

Sponsors pay $35 a month to sponsor one girl’s education, including daily tutoring, books and school supplies, and monthly educational seminars.  Since these girls come from villages where literally no woman has ever finished her education or gained outside employment, our Catalyst Program will help girls navigate the difficult path to academic success: staying in school, standing against child marriage, and giving each girl a step-by-step plan for achieving her long-term dream. Hundreds of girls dream of becoming teachers and nurses and doctors and more, hoping to serve their impoverished communities one day. The GEP Catalyst Program will empower them to reach that dream.

How to sponsor a girl:

Click the button below to set up a $35 per month donation. Our staff will contact you to assign you a girl to sponsor.