Visiting young women we support in Cambodia

 While our biggest project is in Bangladesh, we also support young women in both Cambodia and Lebanon to stay in school. Once or twice a year we have the opportunity to visit the 8 young women we sponsor to stay in university in Cambodia, and here four of them are...

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Biking to School

Some of the girls and young women in our Girls Education Program are getting bicycles to enable them to get to school, and they are experiencing the freedom and power of self-sufficiency.

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Important Life Skills

Over the last year we have helped young women set up bank accounts, learn to save and budget, and work on their resume and other important job skills.

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6th Grade Training Day

Training Day for 6th grade girls in our Bangladesh Girls Education Program. We’re hoping to inspire thousands of girls here to excel in school, careers, and public service.

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Medical Alert

We have a 15-year-old girl in our GEP who may need surgery to remove a cancerous breast tumor. Costs here are pretty low, and it should be about $350 or so for the procedure, but we don’t have much of a medical budget.

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Nurses Graduate from the GEP

Seven young women from our GEP have now finished nursing school, one in 2018 and 6 this year. It’s the start of a wave of young women building strong lives, and having the skills to serve their community and country.

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