We are pleased that Hannah Gray will be visiting our work in Bangladesh in August to help with photography and video and to learn more about our work. Please support Hannah in her efforts to come support our work.

Here she is in her own words:

“I am raising money to travel to Bangladesh to provide my photography services to an organization called Speak Up For The Poor. I’ve joined up with this nonprofit whose aim is to reduce child marriage by providing education from middle school through university. I am very passionate about women’s education world wide and how to better educate the human race as a whole no matter what language or culture they come from.

TRIP: AUGUST 5th-13th

INFO: ALL funds ($1500) will be going directly to my airfare and lodging with the left over going DIRECTLY to the organization to further these girls education.

GOALS: My goal for traveling across the world is to:

  • Meet these little girls and document their stories through my talent as a photographer
  • Provide media (video and photo) for their nonprofit use the next year (for them to grow they need continual high quality imagery and video) 
  • Teach a Dream seminar where I and other girls going will be sparking little fires in their hearts and leading them through exercises to unlock their dreams. We will be giving them tangible ways to identify what they are meant to do on this earth and action steps on how to go after them.”